Skype with Santa Rita

Today our class skyped with Ms Conrad’s Grade 5 class from Santa Rita School. Santa Rita is in Los Altos, California. Los Altos is Bendigo’s sister city. It was really nice to meet Ms Conrad ‘face to face’ as we have been emailing and the children in our grades have sent letters and profiles to each other. Some children in Ms Conrad’s class gave presentations about San Francisco and interesting places to visit and also about the weather in California. Ms Conrad is going to share those presentations with us via a google doc. We asked some questions and their children asked some questons. It was really interesting to learn more about Ms Conrad’s grade and we are going to do it again soon.

Chat to a Champ – Jana Pittman

Our grade is participating in the ‘Chat to a Champ’ Program. We are linked with Jana Pittman, the world champion Australian hurdler who is now participating in the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia in the women’s bobsleigh. She is the brakeman and Astrid Radjenovic (Loch-Wilkinson) is the pilot. Click on the links to watch the video and read the reports that we wrote.

Jana Pittman talks to our grade.

Read our reports.


Welcome to our class blog. This is a blog for you to share your thoughts and ideas and to work collaborately on projects. We will use this blog to share the wonderful work you are doing!

We will be using this blog to work on our fair projects and to record how our projects are developing. You will be able to seek help with any difficulties you face and celebrate your successes.

We are learning about oceans this term. We have already learnt heaps about hammerhead sharks, thanks to a great Skype session with a marine biologist, Dr Mikki. You will have the opportunity to choose a topic that interests you to research and to present your work to the class.